New Ideas #5

New Ideas #5 of May 21st 2014.

41. Portable potato chips machine.

How if we can make perfect potato chips as good as we get in packets ? Just as we can now have good pop-corns ?

42. Lampposts as Data Loggers.

Just think that each lamp post is fitted with small environment data loggers. The data is collected in real time to city’s central data center and sent to national data center. Analyzing these data can provide you very very detailed weather report.

43. Auto hairstyle machines.

Want a new hair style ? You have come to right place. Pick up a hair style shown to you on monitor & our machine will make your hair style as per your choice within just 3 minutes. Cool ? 50 $ please ! Thanks.

44. High speed Internet through power lines.

We all are connected through power line in our house. How if we also get high speed Internet through our power socket ?

45. High growth plants.

Can we double or treble the growth of woody or fruity plants ? I am in a little bit hurry. Let me know.

46. Pain meter.

Yesterday my little daughter fell down while playing with her friends. She started crying. Hearing that I rushed to her and asked ” is it paining much ?” She said yes. Then I started thinking. How much pain is ” lot of pain” or ” much pain” ? Can we have a kind of pain meter ?

47. Using trains and buses as data loggers.

In almost every country, trains and buses are running cross country. If all long route buses and trains are fitted with environment data loggers, can we have a better weather report ?

48. Portable Oil estimate meters for nuts.

Ground nut in India is one of the main sources of edible oil. The quantity of the oil in the nut decides the price it will fetch in the market. If there is some portable instrument that can immediately estimate the quantity of the oil in sample of groundnuts, it can be very very helpful to the farmers as well as oil companies.

49. Water collecting through balloons.

Not rained this season ? Near drought situation ? Clouds forming but not rain ? How about flying water collecting balloons, which can ” harvest” water in clouds & bring them back ?

50. Training of birds to take aerial photographs.

Interested in aerial photographs but not able to fly. Do not worry. We have got this kite bird flying high above you and can take photographs attached to its body. You can even operate it through remote control.

What ? you want 50 such Kite birds ? we have only one trained like this.

I hope these ideas may help some of the readers to get one or more triggers for further development.

If you have any suggestions – any new ideas – do let me know. We can include your ideas too !

By Jayprakash

New Ideas #4

New Ideas #4  of May 20th 2014.

31. Round vehicles -

You must have marked that all the balls are round. Anything that has to be bounced many times from any surface is more or less round shape. Round shape not only helps to help itself in proper shape but also minimizes the effect of impact.
How about our cars that are of round shapes ? Imagine a round car having accident with another round car. Outer spherical body will have minimum impact than our present shaped cars.

32. Fresh coconut water.

I like to have fresh & tender coconut water every time I travel rather than having soft drinks. It is not only most pure but also very nutritious. How about any process by which we can fix a small pipe in the tender coconut when it is still up there on the tree and collect the fresh water ?

33. Portable latrines.

Defecating in open has been a very great sanitation problem in developing countries, including India. How about a portable latrine which can transform human poo into fertilizer instantly ?

34. Solar lanterns in sky.

Our earth is always surrounded by Sunlight. We spend lot of electricity to keep our cities lit during the night. Now imagine there is a big solar very thin reflector up in the sky. It will just reflect the sun rays on our city during night just as moon does.

35. No loss electrical wires.

Most of the electricity generated are lost during transmission. This not only wastes our precious natural resources but also the consumer has to pay for the transmission losses. So we are at double loss. So how about such wires that carry high current without any    loss ?

36. Time limited ink.

Just imagine that your newspaper has expiry date of 4 days from printing. You have to read within that time because after that the ink will evaporate & your paper will just look blank ! At the end of the month newspaper company will take all the paper back. How much trees & jungle we will be able to save by using newspaper again & again ?

37. VR tours.

Today we are spending a lot visiting so many countries and spending our time & money. Though it is very entertaining & also very necessary economical activity but what if I can tour those countries just staying in my house ? Yes, I am talking about Virtual Reality tours.
Just at a click of button visit Tajmahal or Niagara Falls ! As you wish !

38. Hugging bed.

Well I know you love to hug. But what if you are alone ? How about the bed hugs you while you are slipping…. Ghost….. no…..

39. Cricket bat with sensors.

I know every batsman in cricket world has his own unique style & playing style. In today’s scientific world, we have not yet analyzed the game of cricket scientifically.

If we fit cricket bat with sensors like pressure & motion sensors along with tiny controller chips having low energy bluetooth connectivity, we can analyze the playing style when we get data from the bat through bluetooth. Correlating this data with visual images or video can help us to analyze style of any particular batsman.

40. Flexible houses.

You build a house & it will remain as it is for 100s of years. No change. How if we can change the inner walls as per our wish ? Just like we change our fridge compartments, how if we can change the walls ? You 4 bedroom house can be 2 big bedroom house when you are alone & can be of 6 bedroom when guest are there. You can have closed kitchen, open kitchen as per your wish. How exiting & refreshing !

I hope these ideas may help some of the readers to get one or more triggers for further development.

If you have any suggestions – any new ideas – do let me know. We can include your ideas too !

By Jayprakash



New Ideas #3

New ideas #3 for May 19th 2014.

21. Food freshness identifier spoon or dish.

Many times we do not know how fresh food served in our plate is. Though a very complex system it will be but it would be nice that the dish or the spoon can show us visually or may be with sound how fresh food is.

22. Food taste identifier spoon.

The same idea as above but this time, the spoon an tell you the combination of different tastes that the food carries. May be hot, some sour, some tangy, some lemony , some          salty …….. Just think your spoon changes color or tells you visually what the food will taste before it reaches to your mouth ! Mouthwatering ? interesting ? is there anybody to steal this idea?

23. Veg food with non-veg taste.

Wow ! how if I see a chicken tandoori leg wrapped in a very attractive package & having sign of ” 100% vegetarian ” ? Sounds interesting ? Got the idea ? Yes I am talking about veggie food with Non-veggie taste & structure !

24. Eggs with flavors.

Oh ! I love eggs but only after they are processed. But just think ! If you get eggs with built in flavors, Hotti, Tangy , Chocolate ….. just like potato chips ? Any hen hearing … sorry reading ?…..

25. A pill which postpones nature’s call.

Have you experienced the urgency & high pressure when you have to answer nature’s call and are not able to do so for any reason ? And the feeling when you are relieved ? Oh my my . Just remember the situation you last time experienced ?
Now think how if I give you a pill & within seconds all your pressure is gone ? Want such a pill ? Then write down the phone number of the dealer. It is 9999………… Got it ?  Oh……. I have to go…………

26. Color changing wall.

I always wished that the color of our house should be changed every Diwali ( Festival of lights -here in India). But many times it just does not happen !
So how about the walls that can change its colors as per our choice ?

27. Flexible furniture.

How about your sofa turning into chair or table or some similar designer furniture as per your whims ? Furniture with flexible components ! Can be changed at any time & yet very sturdy. So now whenever you visit me you find totally new furniture ! isn’t it a great idea ?

28. Color changing fabric.

Yes, I am fade up of the color of my blue strips shirt but the fabric is very very comfortable & very light. So I want the shirt but I wish I had other color pattern with same fabric. So what if I can change the design & color of the fabric ?

29. 3D education models & lectures.

I am very interested in teaching and when I teach to my little daughter, I wish I can present the thing itself to her so that she understands it better. Though it may not be possible every time but there should be some kind of 3D virtual models of real thing which students can explore right in their home or classroom. Very very helpful to all kind of engineering & medical students.

30. Farm produce processed & packed right on farm.

I see that most of the farm produce is wasted during its journey from farm to final user. It is great loss of resources, time , money, labor. And ultimately the price goes up for that produce. The vital resources that has been used to produce the crop just goes to drain. Think how much water, electricity, fertilizer , labor go waste.
It is colossal. What I propose is there should be small flexible machines which can process & pack the produce as soon as it is picked up from the farm right on the farm itself only. This will not only make the produce more marketable but also the self life can be increase to a great extent.

I have seen that many times in village, the transportation charges to nearby market are more than the produce cost itself. In such situation, many farmers prefer to just throw the produce in open for farm animals. Such a situation can be averted if instant processing machines are available.


I hope these ideas may help some of the readers to get one or more triggers for further development.

If you have any suggestions – any new ideas – do let me know. We can include your ideas too !

By Jayprakash

New Ideas #2

Today is second day. My list of new ideas is ready and here are 10 new ideas -

New Ideas – May 18th 2014.

11. Giant and fast road building machine.

Road building is also one of the slow process. There should be all in one machine or combo of 2 or 3 machines which prepares road as fast as a few km per day.

12. Chair with feeling.

I am talking about a chair which is wirelessly connected with your TV. Of course the TV should be 3D. You can feel all the happenings of TV. You become a part of that moment. You can call it a full virtual reality.
You can feel vibration, tilting, smell and of course 3D sound. Everything built in chair.

13. Happy pill.

Oh ! This is a very good idea. Just pop up a ” Happy ” pill and well, you feel happy. Though this must be different from any kind of drugs or alcohol effect.

14. Furniture printing machine using waste material.

Our furniture consumes lot of our precious natural material like wood. There should be a kind of printing machine which not only uses waste material but also ” prints” your design. And voila ! you get designer furniture !

15. Solar paint.

We use lot of exterior paint and every building uses paint. How about a paint that can store Sun energy during day time and provides output during night. This will not only reduce greenhouse effect but also make every building more or less self sufficient in energy.

16. Roads with sensors.

How about roads with in built sensors which can provide many vital real time data , not only to vehicle owners plying on them but also to government like Vehicle movements, kind of vehicles plying, road condition, accident data, accident analysis etc.

17. Train coaches with airbag kind of system.

Air bags in cars has become now a standard feature. How about extending the same features to buses & railway coaches ? Although they may have to be very sturdy and can be put on outside of coaches. So when there is kind of derailment, coaches just glide on their side airbags to reduce the impact.

18. Personal AC dresses.

In some part of globe the regular temperature can be as high as 48 degree centigrade in summer. How about dresses that can absorb the outside & surrounding heat and using that heat, provide cooling effect to our body ?

19. Kind of spray or ointment which nullifies sexual desire.

Rape is a very unfortunate & very tormenting experience for any girl. What I purpose is that there should be some kind of very fast acting spray or a kind of ointment, which when comes into contact with any part of skin, immediately makes any kind of sexual desire nil. All the related body parts just go numb for at least 8 hours.

Apart from this it leaves marks on skin which can last for a week. May be visual or some kind which can be detected by further tests.

20. Health monitoring mirror.

I know you are very health conscious and why not ? Everybody should be. How about a mirror which displays all the vital data about your health when you are in front of it. It shows your weight, height, heart bit rate, sugar level, Blood Pressure etc.
It not only show the day to day data but also stores it & you can see the trend or history graphically whenever you want. It also keeps tab on vital signs and provides warning if some parameters are abnormal.


I hope these ideas may help some of the readers to get one or more triggers for further development.

If you have any suggestions – any new ideas – do let me know. We can include your ideas too !

By Jayprakash




New ideas #1

New Ideas

Well, these posts starting from today are inspired by James Altucher and his book ” Choose Yourself “. This is a very good book and I came across this book last week and I liked his suggestion to come up with 10 new  ideas  every day.

It is really a very creative exercise and I thought let me try myself and I have started it from today itself.

From today itself I am going to publish 10 new ideas every day through this blog.

This also coincides with Mr. Narendra Modi  having thumping victory in General Election of India and on the way to become PM. He is very dynamic leader and hope will provide a new direction  towards better & prosperous India. I wish him very good luck for his new mission.

Many of these ideas may be similar looking , some may be crap, some may be highly impossible but at the end there is a possibility that some ideas may be Gems – for me and for some one out there like you. May be may not be ! But we have to give a try.

So let the idea machine roll………

So following is idea list no. 1 – May 17th 2014.

1. House building Robot.

If we look at scenario of construction activity, one can find that it is too slow. It takes around 6 months to 1 year to build one house. There should be a Robot kind of machine which just takes your house design as an input and as per design, it starts constructing the house & finishes the work within a week or so.

2. Painting robot for buildings.

Even after the house is finished the important work of painting is a very laborious work. Workers hang from above and do the very risky work. How it there is a kind of sticky robot which can move on the wall and with the help of paint spray gun can do the painting job. The paint can be supplied by a tube attached to the spray gun. The robot must have various sensors inbuilt to manage itself and it can also have remote maneuvering capability by which an expert painter can handle the job.

A building can have many such robots doing the job simultaneously & overseen by a single operator through remote control system.

3. 3D printing of House & building.

This is the latest trend. We have seen small object printing 3D printers. But how about a movable giant 3D printer just like floating oil rig. Provide your house drawing and it will “ print” your house on your land.

4. Fast setting Cement.

The above idea requires this material – fast setting cement. The cement should be such that by the time other layer is printed, it should be strong enough.

5. Sticker type TVs.

We have seen thin LCD TVs but how about Sticker TVs ? You have to just unfold them & just press four corners to available space & you r ready to go. No need of any wires as the TV is powered by wireless station.

6. Google Glass + smart phone.

It will be very interesting to have Google Glass combined with smartphone functionality. As such all the user interactive elements are already present so it makes the integration somewhat easy.

7. A single plant with many fruits.

I was just making a list of plants to grow in my garden and very quickly the list grew to 20 numbers which my garden can not have. So now what to do ? How if there are only 2 or 3 base plants and on every branch of these plants I can get different fruits ?

8. Plant of Pomato – Potato + tomato.

I was just going through this idea as I was looking for ideas to increase in farm output. As we know every plant provides output either above the ground or below ground. Like you get Tomato above the ground while potato below the ground. How about a Pomato plant which provides Tomato & potato both at the same time ?

Straight away you can double the output.

9. All flower plants.

This is the same idea as above. A plant with so many flower variety. You have to just grow a few for your garden to have multiple variety of flowers and there should be some kind of choice by which you can choose the kind of flowers and you can change this choice at any time.

And yes how about marrying the both of above idea ? Have a single fruit & flower plant ! Less roaming for pollination bee !

10. Long life foods.

No, I am not talking for higher self life packaged food products. The normal food should be same even after kept open for 2-3 weeks. It should taste same & there should not be any variation in the food composition. The process should be simple & easy so that any one can do it.


Well this is the first list and next list tomorrow…………. Hope this will continue for long long time.

I would like to invite all the readers like you to post comments, extend above ideas,               ” steal ” the ideas …… well.. whatever …. they are free… yes…. totally free to be adopted.

And thanks to James for providing this inspiration….

See you tomorrow……


By Jayprakash